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To facilitate the process for our prosperous customers, JET’s business management would like to hereby draw your attention to the summarized commercial procedure of your procurement. It gives you a general idea about what you are going to face with.

1. Finding customer’s desired product via JET’s Product Browser with the assistance of JET’s technical and commercial team.

Given the fact that there is a plethora of polymeric products with similar specifications in the market, this step is the most important one;
2. Negotiation on price, quantity, port of destination and any other essential point through Email or the other social media;

3. Receiving an official LOI from customer;

4. Issuance of the relevant PI on Jam Empire Trading’s letterhead;

5. Making an official contract between two parties in case of need;

6. Paying the payment;

Based on the payment terms of all the NIPC’s Petrochemical Complexes, JET’s payment terms is, 100% TT in advance, which should be paid directly to the presented bank account.
7. Loading the cargo;

8. Issuance of original documents;

Original documents are as below:
Commercial Invoice
Packing List
Certificate of Quality and Quantity
Certificate of Origin
Original Bill of Lading
9. After performing the settlement, all the original documents will be delivered to the customer through an international courier company like DHL.

It is notable that JET’s technical and commercial team will be always at your disposal in order to precise any obscure point.


Unit 4, No. 2, Ebrahimi Alley 
Pastor Street, Tehran, Iran.


 +98 21 66933982


 +98 21 66908725



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